How to Make a Sleeper Sofa More Comfortable?

A sleeper sofa can be a great addition to a home, providing extra sleeping space when needed and doubling as a comfortable couch the rest of the time. However, many people find that sleeper sofas are not very comfortable to sleep on. Luckily, there are ways to make a sleeper sofa more comfortable. 

In this post, we will explore some of those ways. So whether you have an old sleeper sofa that you want to make more comfortable or you are shopping for one and want to know what to look for, keep reading for tips on how to get the most comfort from your sleeper sofa.

Tips that help to make a sleeper sofa more restful

Invest in a good sleeper sofa mattress:

sleeper sofa

A sleeper sofa mattress that is cheap or one that you find in many furniture stores is not going to be very comfortable. Buying a new mattress can be expensive, but if you do your homework and know what to look for, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. You can checkout our listing for best sleeper sofa under $500 for not cheap but a good quality in a budget.

Look for either coil spring or foam-encased memory foam mattresses. If you can find a sleeper sofa mattress with both coil springs and memory foam, it will be the most comfortable.

Add a pillow top to the mattress for extra comfort:

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A pillow top mattress is an extra layer of soft material on top of the mattress that makes it even more comfortable. If you bought your sleeper sofa with a cheap mattress, you can easily take it off and replace it with a foam-encased or coil spring pillow top version. You can buy one at any discount store for under $100.

Buy a thick, soft mattress topper:

sleeper sofa

A mattress topper is an extra layer of material on top of your sleeper sofa’s original mattress that you can take off and wash. This will provide extra comfort for guests who spend the night on the sofa bed, but it won’t cost as much or require as much work as getting a whole new mattress.

Invest in a good sofa bed:

The quality of your sleeper sofa makes all the difference in how comfortable it is. Look for one that is made with sturdy wood frames and pocket coil spring systems, which are more expensive but also much more comfortable than other options. When you’re ready to buy your next sofa, keep these tips in mind.

Buy a sleeper sofa with a chaise lounge for added comfort:

A sleeper sofa with an attached chaise lounge is not only much more comfortable than one without, but it will also give your guests a lot of extra space to stretch out. This can be especially valuable if you have guests who are taller or larger than average.

Use a bedspread or quilt instead of blankets for extra warmth:

Some people are always cold when they sleep, no matter what the temperature is outside. To keep you or your guests warm at night, use a bedspread or quilt that fits over both the mattress and the pillow top to ensure maximum warmth throughout the night.

Using these tips for making your sleeper sofa more comfortable can help ensure that any friend or family member who spends the night on it is as comfortable as possible. Not to mention, if you follow these tips, you won’t even feel like you’re sleeping on a sleeper sofa!

Place a foam pad over the mattress for extra cushioning: 

sleeper sofa

A lot of people like the firmness of the mattress on a sleeper sofa, but some people prefer having more cushioning. If you’re one of those people, there are extra-thin foam pads that you can put over your mattress to increase its softness without making it hard to sleep like a regular pillow top or memory foam pad would. 

Get a mattress cover made of 100% cotton or some other breathable material: If you don’t like the idea of throwing a bedspread over your sleeper sofa’s mattress, there are also mattress covers that can keep your mattress clean and provide extra cushioning.

Invest in a decent-sized ottoman for additional comfort: 

Most people put a lot of extra things on the ottoman in their living room. If you add an ottoman to your sleeper sofa, it can add another layer of comfort and keep that space open for other uses too. If you put a blanket or duvet cover over the ottoman, people can use it as a comfortable place to sit and even rest their feet.

Buy a plush sleeper sofa that’s made with coil springs for extra comfort: 

Some people are used to sleeping on mattresses that are springy, which you can’t find at any discount store. If you’re one of those people, it’s best to buy a plush or pillow-top sleeper sofa with coil springs, as those will have a lot more spring to them than those made from pocket coils.

Buy a tall mattress foundation instead of a box spring:

People often complain that sleeper sofas with box springs are uncomfortable because they can be too short, but you don’t have to deal with that if you buy a taller mattress foundation. 

This is the same height as a normal mattress, so if you find that your sleepers are uncomfortable or feel too high up off the ground, you can buy this foundation to make them more comfortable.

Use a feather bed or memory foam topper on the sleeper sofa mattress:

A lot of people like the firmness of a sleeper sofa mattress, but some sleepers also like having extra cushioning and softness. If that’s you, it can be worthwhile to spend more on an expensive memory foam or latex foam topper. 

This will give you the kind of plush sleeping experience that you can’t get with less expensive, springy models. If you’re wondering how to make a sleeper sofa more comfortable, that shouldn’t be a problem if you follow the advice in this article. 

Doing that will ensure that your guests have plenty of room to sleep comfortably and give you a better night’s rest too!

Place the sleeper sofa in a sunny spot to get some natural light: 

If you can get a sleeper sofa that’s placed in an area with lots of natural light, it will help you stay awake at night and provide better mood lighting during the day. Place your sleeper sofa near a window to get some fresh air too. 

If you’re worried about letting in too much light while sleeping, look for blackout shades or curtains that can stop light from coming in.

Get some aromatherapy oils to help you sleep better: 

A lot of people find that scented oils help them fall asleep faster, and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy; all you need is eucalyptus oil or lavender oil, for example. If your sleeper sofa is near a window that gets a lot of sunlight, you can use those oils as mood lighting too.

Use a humidifier to keep your air from feeling dry: 

If you find your eyes and nose tend to get dry when you sleep on your sleeper sofa, there are plenty of solutions for this problem. 

If you’ve got central heating or air conditioning, you can look into a humidifier that will add moisture to the air. If you have a covered porch attached to your house, you may be able to open a window for fresh air and avoid using your appliances.


With these tips, you can sleep soundly on your new sleeper sofa. You’ll no longer have to worry about waking up in the morning with a sore neck or back because of an uncomfortable mattress. 

Now that you know how important it is to invest in quality, comfort and warmth for your bedding, don’t delay any further! Give us a call today so we can help make sure all of this goes smoothly for you tomorrow. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions along the way as well – just give us a shout!