Top 10 Best Asian Rice Cooker Reviews

Let’s agree on one thing not everyone can consistently cook rice on the Stovetop. Consider some of the best rice cookers that will never upset you. Rice cookers are made to make the cooking process easier. It’s really simple to use one to make rice. It’s as simple as adding rice and the appropriate amount of water, pressing a button to adjust the cooking time based on the type of rice you’re making, and that’s it. You won’t be able to go back to boiling your rice on the stove after you’ve used a rice cooker, whether you like white rice, basmati rice, or brown rice.

We will offer my research findings to help you pick the finest rice cooker for your home. We will also go through the most important things to consider before buying. With Asian rice cookers, making rice becomes an easy and hands-off task. But if you want to create sushi rice, you should examine the best rice cookers that will never upset you. You can cook restaurant-quality rice at home.

As you may expect, the Asian market prioritizes quality. Asia’s temperature and climate are also vulnerable to change. So a well-planned heating change is required. As a result, producers use high-quality materials and strive to improve technology, and cost-performance varies by country. The Asian Rice Cookers comes highly recommended.

There are plenty of rice cookers naysayers out there; people who think that rice cookers are a waste of money, and that cooking rice in a pot on the rice cooker isn’t all that complicated. My experience is that I didn’t know what I was missing until I tried a rice cooker. If you’ve never cooked rice in a rice cooker before, I encourage you to give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that there is a much easier way to prepare a household staple.

Types of Rice Cookers

Rice cookers are divided into three categories: induct, fuzzy logic rice cooker, and on-off rice cookers, regardless of where they are manufactured.

Inductor Rice Cookers

These are cookers that use an electric plate to directly heat the contents of a pot. These appliances have more accurate temperature sensors and transfer heat over a bigger surface area to uniformly cook the rice. They also allow you to modify the temperature quickly.

Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers

These rice cookers include an inbuilt computer chip that changes the temperature and cooking time automatically. To put it another way, the machine handles all of the heavy liftings for you in terms of ensuring properly cooked rice.

On/Off Rice Cookers

These are the most basic rice cookers that also have a keep-warm feature. When your rice is done, the cooker changes to keep warm mode automatically.

Settings In Asian Rice Cooker

Menu Settings

Different types of rice are accessible across Asia, and individuals utilize rice based on their location. Many individuals enjoy making fried rice or vegetables. The Asian Rice Cooker allows you to choose the menu based on the rice type, such as Jasmine rice, Brown rice, White rice, Black rice, and so on. Rice can also be cooked in the cooker in the style of western rice.

Gaba Setting

It’s the most exciting feature of a cooker, and it’s specifically added for brown rice because brown rice is such an important part of a weight-loss diet, and it’s also healthier than other rice. Cook brown rice is difficult and necessitates a lengthy process, but the Asian rice cooker has solved this problem with the Gaba Setting. In comparison to other rice cookers on the market, it will take less time to cook rice.

Warm Setting

The Asian rice cookers have an automatic shut-off button, which means the cooker will switch off and the warm button will turn on, keeping the rice fresh in the cooker so you can eat it anytime you want. It has a nonstick coating feature that makes it more appealing because you may forget to turn off the cooker, resulting in the waste of your entire meal; it is the best setting that distinguishes it from other cookers.

Things To Consider While Buying Best Asian Rice Cooker

The Actual Usage

It would be best to think about what you prepare most frequently and how often you can make rice for the best rice cookers. If you plan to use the appliance, you should think about whether or not you need it. This rice cooker’s applications will make it easier to find the best one. Keep in mind that the capacity measures cups of uncooked rice.

Cooking Modes

A rice cooker with multiple cooking settings, especially in tiny kitchens, can be extremely useful. If all you want to do is cook plain white rice, a simple model would suffice. Look at some of the more expensive versions that offer more cooking settings if you want to utilize your rice cooker for a range of various kitchen functions!

Non-Stick Pot

Because rice can readily adhere to the pot, it is critical to ensure that the pot is nonstick before purchasing. The benefit of using a nonstick pot is that the rice will never adhere to it and it is simple to clean. Cleaning it does not necessitate any additional work.

The Number Of People

Because the rice pressure cookers come in various sizes, you’ll need to think about how many people you’ll be feeding. It’s better to have a little more than none at all. You won’t have to worry about leftovers because the cooked rice can last for nearly as long.

Easy To Use

In reality, a digital rice cooker is not complicated at all. The manufacturers will provide additional instructions for cleaning and using the mentioned appliance. On the other hand, the Japanese rice cooker is very easy to clean after each use.

Smart Technology To Cooked Rice

These rice cookers include built-in sensors that can detect when rice is perfectly cooked. Many models will take into account rice kind, amount, and even room temperature to guarantee that your rice is cooked to perfection. These rice cookers are more expensive than standard models, but that’s because they’re completely hands-free. Essentially, these are the set-it-and-forget-it rice cookers that many people seek, particularly novices who have a proclivity for overcooking their rice.


You need to keep your budget in mind when shopping for the best steamer for your needs and your budget. Begin searching for a high-quality best Japanese rice cooker that’s within your budget range.


Top Choice 

Best Value 

Runner up 


  • The Zojirushi neural fuzzy rice cooker is manufactured in Japan and can accommodate up to 10 cups of cooked rice.

  • This cooker is capable of taking your breath away with its excellent features. With a simple layout, it’s a complex device.

  • Appliances that are functional and visually appealing are essential in today’s world. Nonetheless, Zojirushi’s latest creation is a work of art.

More Info

1. Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker by Zojirushi NS-ZCC10

The Zojirushi neuro fuzzy rice cooker is manufactured in Japan known Japanese Rice Cookers can accommodate up to 10 cups of cooked rice. When you have a small family and want to have some leftovers that can be reheated at your convenience, this is exactly what you need. It’s quite convenient that these traditional rice cookers can also prepare rice porridge and sushi rice. Additionally, it has a remarkable steam function that allows you to steam veggies or scent goods like rice cookers.

In addition to the several buttons on the front of these Japanese Rice Cookers, it is quite easy to use. A delay timer and pre-programmed beep will alert you when your brown rice is done cooking or when your food has been heated to the proper temperature. It is conventional rice cookers that make the cooking process easy.

Japanese Rice Cookers is Mini Rice Cookers from Zojirushi Cleavers Woks for Gas Stoves Cleavers Vegetable Cleavers Chinese Cleaver Woks Electric Works Accessories Carbon Steel Woks Cutting Boards Made of Bamboo Sushi Bento Boxes Sushi Making Kits.

The rice cooker comes with a spatula holder, a spatula, and two precise measuring cups, as well as the rice itself. The wire is retractable since it makes placing the gadget on my counter easier.



  • digital Computerized rice cooker and warmer

  • comes with automated keep-warm function

  • built-in finger guard protects your hands

  • include nonstick scooper, recipes, and measuring cups

  • Easy to clean

  • rice maker cooks slightly slower 

2. Tiger JNP-S10U-HU Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

This cooker is capable of taking your breath away with its excellent features. With a simple layout, it’s a complex device. Those looking for a stress-free rice-cooking experience will find this version ideal. Once you’ve plugged in your rice cooker and water is near the lid, dial in the settings and leave it to do its thing. Your rice will be kept warm in a Japanese rice cooker once it has finished cooking. If you make sure the shirt is fastened securely and the timer is set appropriately, you may enjoy the constant taste and texture of the brown rice you cook.

Furthermore, this is a multi-purpose rice cooker that can do more than just cook rice. It’s a slow cooker function that lets you make risotto, oatmeal, stews, and soups. When steaming vegetables or seafood, the steamer’s purpose may come in helpful. You can cook jasmine rice in this rice cooker perfectly.

The Tiger JNP-S10U-HU rice cooker was built in Japan, and its quality is unrivaled. ” The interior of the pan is thick, which aids in ensuring that your rice has a consistent feel throughout the process. With its grey and stainless steel hue, this piece will add a contemporary flair to any kitchen.

The only drawback I can think of is that this is an inductor rice cooker rather than a Fuzzy logic cooker. When cooking some types of rice, you may have difficulties. I tried cooking brown rice with the unit, and while it turned out fine, I had to constantly adjust the cooking time.



  • include measuring cup and spatula

  • automatic 12 hours warm setting switches

  • stainless-steel finish with a modern design

  • made in Japan

  • Easy to clean

  • allow proper heat distrubation

  • create mess if lid not properly fixed

3. Zojirushi Induction Heating Cooker

Appliances that are functional and visually appealing are essential in today’s world. Nonetheless, Zojirushi’s latest creation is a work of art. Even if there are various reasons why this variant was included in the review, the metallic brownish, stainless-steel end is stunning.

This cutting-edge inductor rice cooker can make all types of rice. It has a soak, steam, and scorch feature, allowing you to develop your own recipes with more accurate temperatures. Nonstick, inner cooking pan for easy cleaning

Almost every type of mixed rice can be cooked in today’s high-tech induction heating rice cookers. Boil, steam, and scorch functions are included, so you may use more precise temperatures to create unique recipes. Zojirushi’s newer rice cookers automatically alter their brightness settings using Fuzzy engineering. As a result, this version is excellent at cooking a wide variety of items to suit your preferences. If you’re looking for the perfect brownish, sushi, or blended rice, this rice cooker gives you more control over the temperature. This rice cooker has stainless steel which looks so much impressive, It cooked perfect rice.

Let’s talk about the nonstick skillet that fits into the inner pot. Platinum particles alkalize rice’s outer protein layer by alkalizing water. This cooker allows water to easily penetrate the rice grains to bring their genuine taste and make your meals even more delicious. You can be cooked rice easily there is no limitation on how many times you can cook rice. It is the best inner cooking pan.



  • functional and visually appealing

  • metallic brownish, stainless-steel end is stunning

  • rice cooker gives you more control over the temperature

  • nonstick skillet that fits into the inner pot.

  • Easy to clean

  • This premium rice maker is rather expensive

4. Rice Cooker by Hamilton Beach

It’s moist, fluffy rice with a constant texture that’s been precisely prepared. We recommend this model Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker when it comes to little Asian rice cookers that won’t let you down. It is perfectly cooked rice.

It simplifies the preparation of brown rice and serves as a keep-warm device to keep it warm until you’re ready to serve it. I have to say that for the price, this device is fantastic.

This rice maker offers a delay-start feature, an induction heating system for cooking, and an ideal design. Therefore, your rice is cooked to perfection, and you can also steam lentils and a wide variety of nutritious grains.

This rice-making machine is equivalent to high-end versions from Zojirushi and Tiger in terms of features and capabilities. The uncooked rice quantity is 7 cups.

If you prepare rice regularly, having multipurpose equipment is a godsend. You may even cook fish, chicken, cereals, and entire grains in a matter of minutes using this rice cooker. The steamer basket allows you to simmer fish or vegetables while your rice is cooking.

This version contains four pre-programmed configurations to make it feasible to steam dishes and cook whole grains, white rice, and hot cereal with the same machine. Keep-warm mode keeps your food warm for hours after the cook cycle is complete. The countdown timer is easy to read, It cooked perfect rice.

To make an uncooked rice cooker feasible to steam foods and cook whole grains This version contains four pre-programmed setups and uses the same machine for white rice and hot cereal. It also boasts an easy-to-read countdown timer and a keep-warm mode that keeps your food warm for hours after a cook cycle.



  • moist, fluffy rice with a constant texture

  • keep rice warm until you’re ready to serve it

  • multipurpose equipment is a godsend

  • induction heating system for cooking

  • Easy to clean

  • The lid design is not the easiest to clean

5. The Zojirushi NS-WAC10-WD 

Zojirushi continually aims to impress its loyal customers with new and innovative products as a kitchen appliance manufacturer. Only the NS-WAC10-WD Rice Cooker features Fuzzy logic technology. Cooking pots for white rice, blended, and uncooked rice are included in one simple-to-use appliance. Even those with the most rudimentary culinary talents may use artificial intelligence to quickly and easily prepare meals in a cooking pan. This appliance cooks quickly and adjusts the cooking temperature and time to perfection. If you’re not a huge fan of cooking, this is a must-have piece of equipment.

Although the Asian rice cooker’s brown rice-making technique is high-tech, the LCD control panel is designed to be easy to use. Other significant features include a retractable power cord for easy storage and the ability to preserve heat and delay settings. This rice cooker helps to make perfectly fluffy rice.

Because of its sturdy, dent-resistant construction, the Micom Rice Cooker device offers excellent value for money. There’s a measuring cup, and it comes with an additional white rice spatula. Micom rice cooker are highly graded for cooking brown rice.



  • comes with Fuzzy logic technology

  • comes with LCD control panel is designed

  • its sturdy, dent-resistant construction

  • include Measuring cups, spatula, and spatula holder 

  • cook all kinds of rice with multimenu function

  • Takes much longer to when compared to other models

6. Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker

If you’re looking for an inexpensive Asian rice cooker for a large family, this is one of the best options. It has a capacity of 6 cups of raw rice, making it ideal for large gatherings or trips. It’s quite simple to use and maintain than the previous model. It’s made for cooking GABA rice in a crockpot and keeping the rice warm for long period.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) rice has become increasingly popular due to current clean and healthy eating trends. You can also boost your cognitive functioning and lower your blood pressure to cook it, It cooked perfect rice.

The Cuckoo rice company is a favorite among rice connoisseurs in South Korea and Asia. Cooking choices such as turbo cook, seasoning, and keep-warm are all GABA features available.

Using this gadget, you can make 12 cups of delightfully fluffy rice without wasting much electricity. The device switches to keep warm settings when your food is done cooking. For 24 hours, it keeps the brown rice moist without turning it yellow.



  • best rice cooker for a large family

  • It’s quite simple to use and maintain

  • cook upto 12 cups of delightfully fluffy rice

  • brown rice moist without turning it yellow.

  • Easy to clean

  • Not dishwasher safe

7. The Tiger JAX-T18U- Rice Cooker

The first thing you’ll notice about this rice manufacturer is that it has a black stainless steel end that is extremely appealing. There are many more reasons it’s ideal for the modern home, and this isn’t the only one. it’s a visually attractive glossy, black stainless-steel end

Additionally, it’s equipped with a Fuzzy logic system. Rice may be cooked without constantly monitoring the temperature and time settings.

Aside from that, this is a multipurpose rice cooker, which means it can do more than make rice. Allows you to make risotto, oatmeal, stews, and soups using a slow-cooker feature. This cooker can use for induction heating it can be used for steaming vegetables and steaming seafood.

Apart from the rest, It has a synchronized cooking function that helps to cook rice(Tacook). It guarantees that a variety of features and functions work together seamlessly to ensure that all of your meals are produced simultaneously. Your life will get quite simpler and easier as a result of this.

Tiger Rice Cookers are known for their high-quality rice cookers in today’s industry. Based on tiger rice cooker reviews, customers will notice that the maker has done a lot of work to make the product look and perform well.



  • black stainless-steel end that is extremely appealing

  • comes with Fuzzy logic system

  • steamer to cook your vegetables or seafood

  • high-quality rice cookers

  • quite simpler and easier

  • Non-retractable power cord

8. Elite Foods Gourmet Chinese rice cooker

An Asian rice cooker from Elite foods is a great present for someone you care about. We will go into more detail about it soon. As a result of Elite Foods Gourmet’s creation and marketing, I felt confident enough to purchase this product despite a few negative reviews on the internet.

This business goes out of its way to ensure the continuous quality of its equipment. When firms outsource their manufacturing methods to China for large-scale production, consumers end up with subpar rice producers. Here, you get precisely what you pay for.

With this equipment, you’ll be able to make restaurant-quality rice in no time at all. Cooking rice in a stainless-steel rice cooker is a great way to preserve your food’s flavor and nutritional content. For contemporary kitchen countertops, stainless steel is an excellent choice. Stainless steel is a versatile material. This means that the pots constructed of the material can be used in a variety of heat sources.

When you’re cooking rice for friends and family, you’ll appreciate the 12 measuring cup capacity of this rice cooker. Also included is a steam tray for steaming vegetables while your rice is cooking. 



  • comes with 100% stainless-steel steaming tray

  • cook upto 12 cup cooked rice

  • built-in overall sturdy construction

  • include Glass lid and rice paddle

  • Easy to clean

  • nner stainless-steel pot is not nonstick; fortunately, it’s still easy to clean

9. Tatung TFC-5817 Rice Cooker

Tatung’s TFC-5817 is one of the most popular models on the market today. Even though it’s a reasonable price, it has a slew of impressive features that make the rice cooking simple.

First, because it uses Fuzzy logic technology, you don’t have to be concerned about the temperature and time settings being erroneous. Tatung is a big brand that makes high-quality rice cookers. This is an advanced technology rice cooker that makes the cooking process safe and simple.

You get an 8-cup rice maker that’s built to last for the price. An automatic keep-warm feature is included, a programmable preset timer, and eight special cooking reasons. Whether you’re making oats, soup, stew, or a bowl of porridge, this is the device to use. Three quick-cooking options are available for your appliance to make the cooking procedure even easier. White Rice Cooking and Quick Rice Cooking are included in this category. In addition, this appliance can also function as a slow cooker. When it comes to cooking red meat and poultry, you don’t have to go through the hassle of boiling them in the rice cooker.



  • uses Fuzzy logic technology

  • best for Ideal for preparing brown rice

  • quick-cooking programs

  • Affordable than other models

  • Easy to clean

  • Rice warm and moist for about 24 hours

10. Cuckoo Premium Micom Rice Cooker

Cuckoo Premium Micom Rice Cooker 6 measuring cup, a Japanese rice cooker, is the best Korean rice cooker. While it’s a pricey appliance, it has many useful functions, capabilities, and advantages.

Cooking times are a little faster thanks to this appliance’s IH pressure cooker technology. With a premium rice cooker, you can cook perfectly moist and fluffy white rice in just 14 minutes and your mixed rice in 29 minutes. This cooker is the best option if you’re looking for a smart gadget that cooks rapidly.

Additional features include the capability to keep the rice warm. Rice can be kept warm while retaining all its nutrients and flavor using this technology. Even though it has been an entire day since you cooked your rice, your rice will still be wet, warm, and pleasant.

Most people find the idea of having a home appliance they can control with their voices appealing. If you’re fluent in Korean, you won’t have trouble using this feature. Other than the screen buttons labeled in both English and Korean, you may be restricted to using only the screen.



  • Premium IH Stress Rice Cooker

  • comes with a keep-warm function

  • built-in finger guard protects your hands

  • include Non-Retractable power cord

  •  impressively fast cooker

  • Korean to use the voice control feature

Mistakes To Avoid When Using The Asian Rice Cookers

Water and too little oil

When cooking rice, both water and oil are required to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the pot. If you don’t have enough of either, you’ll end up with dry, hard rice that tastes horrible. As a general guideline, don’t skimp on the water because no matter how much you put in your Best Rice Cooker, it’ll never be enough.

Not utilizing a measuring cups

Using a measuring cup, or even better, a calibrated cup, is critical, especially if you’re following the manufacturer’s directions; otherwise, measurements may be inaccurate, resulting in unsatisfactory results.


Cooking sticky white rice for an extended period of time breaks its texture and turns it into poor, which isn’t particularly palatable; as a result, keep an eye on it from time to time, especially if you’ve been away from home.

Leaving out ingredients

Always remember this key tip while cooking rice since else, your dish will come out dry and tasteless – adding any form of meat/protein or veggies before steaming is a requirement if you want consistent results.

Not waiting for steam

Steam is essential throughout the cooking process, so don’t disconnect your Asian Rice Cooker straight after it finishes boiling water – wait until it releases steam first, which can take up to 10 minutes depending on the model.

Tips How To Use The Asian Rice  Cooker

If you’re using sticky/glutinous white rice, it’s best to wash it first before cooking it in an Asian rice cooker.

Always use a measuring cup or, better yet, a specifically calibrated cup to get the exact amount of water needed every time – this is to avoid overcooking or undercooking your meal by adding too much or too little water.

To avoid overflowing during cooking, make sure your pot is properly filled, leaving some space between the top section and the lid – only fill it up to an inch from the brim, then simmer as directed until steam escapes.

If at all feasible, prepare other ingredients before turning on your rice cooker because it takes time to cook your rice properly depending on its settings – not to mention that if left unattended for too long, it might spoil the taste of your cuisine.

You can use it to steam other things in addition to sticky white rice by just adding water and letting it do its thing inside a separate compartment.

When utilizing an Asian Rice Cooker, make sure to preheat your pot before adding any ingredients, and add adequate oil first before cooking for enhanced flavor.

If the water looks like milk after it’s been boiled and bubbles erupt from underneath, it’s been overcooked and turned into porridge; if there’s a burnt scent, it’s been scorched from the bottom.

If you want to save leftovers for later, unplug your Asian Rice Cooker after cooking and let it cool down on its own before wrapping it in cling film or sealing it with pot lids – don’t cover them tightly so pressure doesn’t build up inside while cooling.

How To Troubleshoot the Common Rice Cooker Issues

For such a ubiquitous food, rice may be a perplexing struggle to master. Once you’ve miscalculated the cooking time and water level, you can end up with unwelcome culinary errors like burning, technical issues, wire burns, and so on.

What to do If It Burns?

If the bottom layer of your rice grain is burned, you’ll have to regain the remaining rice from the spatula holder before the harm spreads. Putting the pod’s base in cold water will stop it from burning any further.

What Happens If You Under-cook Or Overcook?

If the rice is still uncooked, add no more than 14 cups of water, even if it was cooked at a high temperature and all the water was absorbed. Allow five minutes for the rice to cook.

So, what exactly do you do?

Add some milk and bean to it and utilize it in a different way. As a result, it will become a delectable rice pudding. Make a chicken congee, a type of rice porridge popular in China, if you’re searching for something savory. I mean, you’ve got a lot of possibilities.

 If The Rice Cooker Breaks?

Because a cooker is a machine, it is highly common for it to break down. Also, don’t panic if the rice cooker breaks down while you’re cooking it.

It’s best not to cook in a malfunctioning cooker because it can cause a variety of problems, including overheating, burst pipes, electric shock, and a variety of tragic mishaps.

If you encounter any difficulties while cooking in a cooker, the first thing you should do is switch it off as quickly as possible. Next, figure out what’s causing the issue. If you are unable to identify the issue, you should seek the assistance of a technician.

What if the pot overflows?

It’s possible that the rice is cooking at an excessively high temperature, resulting in hazy boil-overs, or that the cooking pot is too small.

It’s far more difficult for the rice bubbles to rise when you use a larger or taller one with high sides. If all of this seems a little too fanciful, invest in a rice cooker. You can get some for a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My Rice Cooker is a shambles, leaking water all over the place. Is it broken?

It’s unlikely that your rice cooker is broken. A few pointers can assist in preventing water from boiling over. To begin, double-check your water-to-rice conversions. It’s also a good idea to properly rinse your rice to remove any excess starch or bran.

2. What should I add first, the water or the rice?

The appropriate method to do this is to put the rice in the inner pot first. When you start the cooking process in a rice cooker always use a rice measuring cup so according to that measuring cup you will add the water. It will decrease the risk, of resulting in soggy or too dry rice.

3. How can I keep the rice from clinging to the inner pot’s walls and bottom?

Rinsing your rice to eliminate any excess starch or bran should assist to alleviate this issue. Also, before dumping your rice, spread little oil on the inner pot.

4. Do I Need to Rinse Rice Before Cooking rice?

It’s not necessary to rinse it. Some individuals believe that rinsing the rice is necessary to remove the starch and other impurities, making the rice less sticky. You shouldn’t have this problem if you buy good grade rice (shop own-brand is acceptable). It’s okay if your rice is clumpy, but it shouldn’t be sticky.

5. How to keep rice warm?

Turn the pressure rice cooker to the lowest setting after plugging it in. Crock-pots and slow cookers are excellent for keeping rice warm. Each one maintains a low and consistent temperature, preventing the rice from overcooking or burning. Even on the lowest level, the water in the rice cooker is warm enough to keep the rice warm. This feature will decrease the risk of overcooked rice.

6. Is it possible to cook brown rice in the Asian Rice Cooker?

Yes, all sorts of Asian Rice Cookers can make brown rice, just like they can any other form of rice – just remember to increase the cooking time by at least 20%.


We have discussed the top 10 best Asian rice cookers to assist you. You can choose any of the above products according to your requirements. Considering the features you want in the rice cooker. If someone wants to buy a rice cooker, they should look for one that has multiple settings. It allows you to cook white, brown rice, or jasmine rice to your liking. This is a fantastic resource that will help you select the best Japanese rice cooker. Please contact us if you have any further questions. So hurry up!! Choose your favorite one!

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